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Reconstruction of Rani Pokhari


Kathmandu: Rani Pokhari is a historic pond located in the heart of Kathmandu. The reconstruction of Ranipakhari starts from mid- January, as planned to accomplish by mid-May 2020.

Reconstruction of the Balgopaleshwar temple situated in the middle of the pond and the works like laying black soil, constructing the wall have been sped up.

The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) confer the responsibility of reconstructing heritage site, which was completely destroyed by the 2015-earthquakes. The reconstruction works have been in speedway.

The construction works of the Balgopaleshwar temple were delayed by three years because due to confusion over the jurisdiction of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The Department of Archaeology and NRA undertook the construction work of historical heritage sites.

NRA said -” The reconstruction works have been expedited to meet the deadline. The works of constructing the wall around the pond and laying black soil on its bed will be completed by 14 January 2020. Twenty percent of reconstruction of the temple has been completed and woodworks of the temple were underway.”

NRA asserts that 85% construction of the wall has been completed, where 40 %work on the pond has been over.

Heritage expert at NRA, Rajuman Manandhar said people will be able to see Rani Pokhari in its previous form by the middle of May 2020. He mentioned-“Many works have been completed and remaining works of reconstruction are taking place smoothly. So, we are confident that the reconstruction will be completed within the stipulated time.”

Source: RSS