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Red mud coffee with JNYG in Action to help quake Victims


Kathmandu, May 25, 2015: Jai Nepal Youth Group (JNYG) a voluntary group of professionals and Ex-Kathmandu University students working it “DO IT Yourself attitude” to help the earthquake victims of Nepal currently working at Red mud coffee . Till date they have finished with their phase  which was to provide  relief materials and basic healthcare facilities and help maintain a supply chain Management in all the 8 villages in which they served to 3075 populations ,645 families of total value of goods of worth 16,63,000. The medical team with doctors provided primary care medicines, Emergency service for 3 people who were seriously injured at Bishdeutar 9 and Jhadi, Tetanus injections for 12 patiences and also explained how to use water purifier.

KOSHYS COLLEGE and UNEV are sending us these stuff all the way from Banglore. A 4 JNYG volunteer team with 4 medical personnel from Melbourne , Australia have departed to Bisdeutar this morning. Team carries JHUL (Mosquito nets) 230 units, 450 kilos of corn seeds for farmers and an array of medicines for skin related issues and other medicines.  They also collect and donate story books, children books and stationery for the children of Bisdeutar, Sindupalchowk. We will be working in the community for a long term.

The second phase they have worked is on collecting information and managing resources as per the demand. The  two locations they had worked was at Tsum Valley, Gorkha and Bisdeutar ,Majhi gaun,Sindhupalchok. They worked on temporary transitional settlement, sanitation, technology transfer and accumulate information and maintain a database

While taking an interview with Umesh Shrestha and Parbat Thapa who played a role as Media, Fundraiser, finance analyst during earthquake relief campaign, “Since the people were in Trauma so they gave a mixed response some people where greatful, and genuinely thankful towards them from the bottom of the heart for providing the reliefs materials at the time of need while some people whose need was not fulfilled were unsatisfied. But in overall they experienced positive feedback from the people.

Jay Nepal youth group have effectively mobilized the resources and volunteers in the well managed way. Firstly they formed a core team including 35 members and divided into IT part, Finance, logistics , they made Inventory management software within 4 days etc.  Mainly they managed resources and funds from the friends circles, international Fund donators, Noodles from CG Group and moreover they bought rice, Tents, Medicines and other food stuffs. While volunteers are also managed from the friends circle.

The main challenges they faced within 20 days of relief campaign was the uncertainty about the people receiving the relief material who really need or being misused by people. Moreover, another challenges was of being liable towards donors, dangerous journey while travelling in the hilly areas of village, problem in coordination etc.

About the youth involvement in voluntary relief campaign both Umesh and Pabat said, “If youth really wants they can drive the nation towards a path of progress and economic prosperity” .The main outcome they realized  after seeing the enthusiasm and devotion of all youth members was the development of the thought “YES we can do it”

Regarding the long term plan of their campaign they are motivated to continue it but still they are in the planning phase for the concrete long term decision.

By: Sangita Tiwari


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