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Reflecting Feelings Through Music: The Elements


The Elements band was formed in late 2016 comprised of Drummer Dipesh Gurung, Guitarist Raunaq Singh Adhikari and Vocalist and Songwriter Ishan Raj Onta. These three lads met via one common project called “Drum and Roll”. Sharing the common profound love for music, they collaborated together to compose music, make videos and record songs.

Individually, all these three started their journey during their childhood. The first instrument that Dipesh was introduced to during his childhood was Madal. He became keen to learn drum when he was in school and eventually continued to play it in bands professionally. He shares, “During school days, I used to learn and play drum using my geometry box tools. My passion for drum has never been dimmed since then. This is the only thing that makes me happy.”

On the other hand, Ishan started playing the violin while he was in school and later guitar. Besides music, he is a licensed lawyer and also a singer/composer. He started taking music seriously after the massive earthquake of 2015. Ishan says, “I had a realization of uncertain life that one can have and had the feeling of Aba chai garnu parcha.”

Likewise, Raunaq started music early when he was seven years old.  He has been working with Dipesh in the project Drum and Roll. He reminisces the days when musical instruments were very less available to them and they used every resource they could to make music and enjoy that art. He says, “With only one electric guitar of mine and one drum of Dipesh, we did a lot of gigs and collaborations, made videos and songs.”

Inspiration for Music

The music creation of the band is unique and has a different story in each song. The song “Baru ma Haschu” was a message. “Plastic ko manche” was a satiric song and “Tesaile Hide Ma” was a philosophical song. The song writer in the band Ishan says, “The songs we create are more of inward reflection.”

The band never have such dream as becoming Rockstar or popular with music. The music they create has more emotions and all their heart into making one they love. Yet, Dipesh agrees that inspiration can come from anything. He says, “With the recent improvement in music industry and facilities of the internet where you can watch, learn and connect, you get the motivation by seeing the videos of people enjoying and cherishing the music in concerts when the artists are playing. This also influences the feeling to play music and finally dreaming to become one.” Supporting the viewpoint, Raunaq says, “Everything around us has been the inspiration to us and we have not tried to fit in with the specific music genre or demand of music. This is what we express”.

No wonder with the band name The Element, Ishan says, “Every element that exists around the world, the concept and thinking of infinite possibilities makes us inspired.”


The band was well supported by their family for their passion to work in the field of music. However, it was not as easy. Dipesh recalls his past experience when he could not convince his parents about his caliber and passion to play drum. Raunaq shares his proud moment when he called his dad in one of his performance and glimpsed his dad being very happy to see him play and perform.

The band members suggest having regular communication with parents who tend not to support music. Raunaq explains, “Rock music has mostly been illustrated with drugs and smoke in music videos. It is so certain that parents will have the image of insecurity when a child chooses to make a career in it. While the first encouragement of music was from the home itself through gifts of musical instruments.” Optimistically, Ishan takes a view that it is normal for parents wanting a safe career for their child with high paying white collar jobs.” Dipesh suggests, “It is important to get the trust and convince parents by proving your talent to them instead.”

Future Plans

Ishan says, “We have no plans about the future. Everything we are doing is to live the moment. We want to go with the flow but also by creating our own flow.” Raunaq further added,“ I think there is no need to plan for the future and just do what you do today.”

Message to Youths

“Do not fear to express what you feel and do today. The result takes time yet its worth it”-The Elements

By: Alina Prajapati