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Registration of New Bill for Scholarship in Private Schools


Kathmandu, August 23, 2018: A new bill with the provision for the private schools is registered on 22nd August which offers a full scholarship to at least 10 percent of the students. The bill covers each grade up to the secondary level that has been registered by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology.

The Compulsory and Free Education Bill also declares, ‘Notwithstanding anything contained in the prevailing laws, the parents or guardians may enroll their children in any school of their choice’.  Every child has the right to complete basic elementary level from any reachable school. The concerned parents and guardians are obliged to enroll each child in a certain grade as per their age. However, the provision will come in practice after the commencement of law.

As per the Section 31,  violation of this provision is considered to be an offense and the parents or guardians of the concerned children may file a complaint at the Judicial Committee of the local level against the principal of the guilty school within 15 days. The blameworthy shall be punished with Rs 25000, or the fine equivalent to the amount in question, or either with higher value.

Likewise, Section 9 proclaims that no principal of the school shall deny enrollment to any child for basic elementary education unless the number of seats set aside for each grade is already fulfilled. On the other hand, Section 7 dictates that any parent or guardian forbidding his/her child to acquire basic elementary level or secondary level once enrolled will be deprived of the facilities provided by the local levels.