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Reimagine Education Conference and Awards 2019 Open for All Region


Kathmandu, March 19, 2019: Application for Reimagine Education Conference and Awards 2019 is now open with a deadline of September 1, 2019, which will be taking place in the UK.

Reimagine Education Conference and Awards is an event which is open for all the interested participants around the world.

Reimagine Education is a global competition rewarding innovative approaches aimed at enhancing student learning outcomes and employability, offering $50,000 in funding to the overall winner/s and 16 ‘Oscars’ of Education. It culminates in an international conference for all those seeking to shape the future of education.

At Reimagine Education you will meet educators and teachers, academic faculty and leadership, including chief learning officers and chief information officers, ed tech founders and investors, leading employers, and journalists.

The Reimaginers’ community continues to grow! Join them and meet passionate innovators with whom you can form transformative collaborations, partnerships, and friendships.

After being part of this program the overall winner will be awarded $50,000 and there will be much more interaction and interesting activities during the session which will help one to build extra ideas and knowledge.

For more information visit: https://www.youthop.com/competitions/reimagine-education-conference-and-awards-2019-in-london