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Relief Along Health Camps By BOH


May 10, 2015: Beam of Hope (BOH), a benevolent organization formed by medical students has been organizing health camps along with relief support.

Though most of the organizations have reached the affected areas with relief materials, the organizations continue to reach the quake affected areas with relief assistance since the devastating earthquake that hit the nation on April 25, different national and international humanitarian.

The BOH reached the most quake affected area Selang of Sindhupalchowk district today along with reliefs and medical supports.They have already distributed relief materials and organized health camps in different parts in quake affected districts like Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk.

The BOH Chairman Santosh Upadyaya said that most of the organizations have provided reliefs but only few have come with health camps. Further, he added that with health camps along with relief support was being provided as health camps were essential in the aftermath of any kind of natural disaster.


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