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Reliving the beautiful past to the dreadful situation of Kamalpokhari


The adage, ‘beauty lies in the eye of beholder’, holds a seat in the midst of each one of us since a long time. But people from God’s heaven on earth- Nepal, have learned to transform this proverb because here the beholder will experience beyond the definition of beauty. The serene view of the country’s natural essence will mark nothing but relief and adoration. There lay nature’s gift in every corner of Nepal and one of the most enticing facts is- to see nature’s gift, Nepalese don’t have to pay.

This beautiful story of Nepal, like any other story, has hit tragedy. The flourishing beauty of Nepal has been deteriorating day by day because of revolutionizing urbanization. Kamalpokhari, one of the homes to nature, is an example of this tragedy. The pond which was an example of Nepal’s beauty has now become a grave to many fishes and a synonym to unattractiveness. The city visits elite City Center each day, but what it doesn’t realize is nearby lying Kamalpokhari, which is in a serious need of attention.

Once I was on my way to Karkhana, Gyaneshwor. As I was 45 minutes earlier, I decided to take a stroll around City Center. Then, I went towards Kamalpokhari. All those flashbacks came to my mind when I had last visited Kamalpokhari. I remember I was giving entrance exam at a nearby college. It was a beautiful morning that gave a soft reflection in the water; the sight was depicting calmness amid the exam chaos.

But the present sight of this beautiful pond made me go blank for a moment. I thought they were just some scattered garbage in the pond, but only to realize they were rotten fish. There was a wrecked boat and dead fishes surrounded it. The sight was more painful to see when dead fishes were floating on the surface of the pond. 

One of the most heart-wrenching sights to see was a struggle of a fish to stay alive. Living in the water with suffocation, it was suffering a lot. The decomposition of dead fishes has led to the shortage of oxygen in the water of the pond. Besides, the water is polluted and the amount of biomass in the pond is beyond the standard for the survival of fishes. Another reason is overcrowding of fishes due to the shifting of fishes from Ranipokhari and this has led to serious problems in the ecosystem. The rotten fishy smell can be felt around Kamalpokhari. Judging by the present state, the place seems to be that way for weeks.

The question is- Who is to be blamed? Is it the local club, the municipality? Is it us who did not notice the situation and inform the concerned authority about it? The government allocates budget for the development of the natural resources in the country but what we must know is that the concerned authority doesn’t pay interest in the proper promulgation of the allocated monetary. If they don’t cooperate towards the development the day of destruction is not far.

I believe action should be immediately taken for the sake of the remaining fishes in the pond. Every life is precious and no soul should die of someone’s negligence. Kamalpokhari which was once a beautiful treasure of Nepal has now been nothing than a home to dead fishes.

By: Dikpal Khatri Chhetry

Dikpal is a student of Computer Science and a Social Campaigner