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Reminiscing my wonderful experiences from the Business Boot Camp


Whenever I get a chance to go away from my hometown to do something different from my casual life, I am always up for it. Last week, when I was told that I had to join The Business Boot Camp as a part of the organizing team from Glocal Pvt. Ltd at Club Himalaya, Nagarkot, I was on cloud nine.

I had been to the hill town several times before and heard a lot about Club Himalaya, but hadn’t ever been there. It was on my wish list to visit and experience the atmosphere out there. Club Himalaya, one of the places on my wish list put on me all the enthusiasm and excitement for the trip. I got to meet 14 vibrant participants and their creative and innovative business ideas. I was awestruck.

We had a very enjoyable and fun trip where we sang songs and shared some business ideas as well. We settled down in the hotel and went for the program i.e. The Business Camp 2017. Our team member had already set the place for the program, without ado the camp started with “Hi- Tea”. It was really overwhelming to listen from a very successful businessperson of our country, Mr. Arun Chaudhary, Managing Director, CG Holdings. He was truly an inspiration for us. He shared some of his experience and delivered inspiring words on how to achieve success and to live a happy life, adopting challenges to better our everyday lives. Through his words and works, I felt like nothing is impossible. We just need to give it a try and never underestimate others ideas and capacities in between. I felt like he is a very down-to-earth person as he listened to all of the participants and suggested them to make their ideas bolder and better.

Even though I was never a student of business and had not really been into the world of business, I was shocked to see myself get so excited to hear new, creative business ideas from those young minds. Some remarkable ideas featured: Dresses for pets, Waste Management, Handmade Jewelry, Prefab Panel, Rice Wine, Art, Dragon Fruit, Digital Art, Hostel for Bag Packers, Cheap Sanitary Napkins, Organic Fertilizer, and Breakfast outlet.

Next morning, I, along with my team, went to get some relaxation with a chilled weather submerged through dazzling sunrise from the top hill of Nagarkot. The air was so fresh and chilled vibrating my inner soul and mind. Lots of people were there to enjoy the sunrise and do some exercise, jogging, etc. I felt fresh and energized for the entire day.

Now it was time for another speaker. It wasn’t my first time to meet and listen Mr. Saurabh Jyoti, Director of Jyoti Group; every time I meet him, I get inspired to work for my passion and interest. He didn’t just share about his success but also, he shared about his failure steps which helped him embrace success eventually. I got a chance to meet lots of inspiring personalities during the camp like Mr. Prayas Rajopadhaya, Mr. Deepak Sharma, Mr. Anjan Kumar Dahal, and Mr. Hempal Shrestha who were really energized and passionate in their work to make it successful.

All the ideas were like all above my head, I was like unknown with all the terms they were using Niche Market, SWOT Analysis, Blue worker, White Worker, etc. The Business Boot camp really turned fruitful for me where I got a chance to get some ideas about business, plans, process, ideas and all. I could also meet the famous and successful personalities, and met 14 young and dedicated youths inspiring me with their energy and passion. Seeing them work hard day and night, I have learned that if we have a strong will and interest to do something, the goal is half earned already.

By Sushila Shrestha