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Renewal Task Of License Of Avenues Television In Process


May 27, 2015: The renewal task of license of the Avenues Television Pvt Ltd is under process, said the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Joint-Secretary and Spokesperson of the Ministry, Purushottam Tiwari, told the National News Agency (RSS) that a concrete decision has not been drawn yet regarding the renovation of the license. Meanwhile, when the Television Broadcasters’ Nepal (TBN) expressed its concern over scrapping of the broadcasting license of the television.

Spokesperson of the Ministry Tiwari further said that study of the documents submitted by the television for the same has been carried out by the ministry. There is a provision that every radio and television has to renew the organisation by paying some determined charges in every fiscal year otherwise till the last date of Poush in case of some problems after paying extra charges.

Television Chairman Bhashkar Raj Rajkarnikar said that the ministry should not stop the renewal task of the media on the basis of technical issues and further claimed that they provided a cheque to the ministry on the last date of Poush for the renewal, but the ministry employees asked them to make the payment in cash.

Similarly, Minister for Information and Communications, Dr Minendra Rijal, has said that he was serious regarding renewing the license of the television. Minister Rijal said that necessary decision would be taken in this regard after a team of the Nepal Press Union headed by General Secretary Ajaybabu Siwakoti drew the attention of the Communications Minister.The Minister directed the officiating Secretary at the Ministry, Kaviraj Khanal, to carry out necessary task in this regard, said Siwakoti.

The Nepal Press Union called for ensuring the environment conducive to run the media in a free manner, respecting the rights of running the media without any hindrance, and bring all in the legal purview of the state and has drawn the due attention of concerned authorities that the journalists, technicians and other media officials are reported forced to work without salary for long.

The Union urged that the government to take right decision to protect the rights of the media industry and media workers saying the scrapping of the television license is also linked to the journalists’ employment opportunity and investment in the media industries. Also,


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