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Rescue from “wheels to wings” at Vayodha Hospital


Outdoor2Balkhu, September 20, 2015: Vayodha hospital is first hospital in Nepal to have a modification in the mode of rescue from “wheels to wings” with rooftop helipad.It is ISO 9001:2008 certified hospital situated in major orbit of ring road Kathmandu, is a multi specialty hospital with the vision to “Cure with Care”. It not only provides a wide range of health services from primary care to cutting edge treatments of complex and rare health problems but also aims at becoming the national leader in patient-centered health care and health care policy reform .

It assures to be the most comprehensive facility offering a wide-spectrum of vital health services to entire individuals irrespective of their age and gender. This hospital is designed to have patient-friendly environment extending its medical evacuation from every corner of the nation. Many of their services accounts for overall clinical quality with two fully accredited acute care medical facilities with a combined capacity of 50 beds.

Affiliated with higher and reputed medical institution in India,” Fortis Escorts Heart Institute” for exchange of technology and better results.It ensures treatment is not trauma at “Vayodha”.

Ravi Chaudhary, Executive Director of Vayodha Hospital
Ravi Chaudhary, Executive Director of Vayodha Hospital

Right from spending time to guiding our patients about treatment plan, course of action, we provide world class health services with empathy to our patients .We have head to toe treatment facilities and solution under one roof with 60 team of doctors from every field.” says Ravi Chaudhary, Executive Director of Vayodha Hosptial.

Talking with Glocal Khabar about major challenge during earthquake, he added, “Hospital had no damage due to earthquake but major challenge was for patient to afford the cost of treatment during that time. So, the hospital provided free medical treatment wroth 55 lakhs rupees which include 225 emergency check up and operations.

The helipad services had provided faster way to receive intensive emergency care for the most demanding medical situation. The patients can be airlifted from any part of the country and brought to the hospital. “It’s not Just Helipad, we have EMS team equipped, ready to save life. We are just a call away. Entire services under one roof (Multispecialty), One can rely “Vayodha” for complete Healthcare .” he further added.


Plastic , reconstructive and cosmetic surgery Urology and Urosurgery
Plastic , reconstructive and cosmetic surgery
Urology and Urosurgery

1. 24 Hours Emergency and Trauma Care
2. Cardiology ( Invasive and Non Invasive )
3. Cardio- Vascular Surgery
4. Chest Disease / Pulmonology
5. Computerized Pathology
6. Critical Care ( CCU, ICU, NICU )
7. Dermatology and Laser Clinic
8. Dental Clinic
9. Endocrinology and Diabetes
10. ENT ( Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery )
11. Gastroenterology
12. General Medicine
13. General Surgery
14. GI and Laparoscopic Surgery
15. Liver Disease / Hepatology
16. Medical Evacuation
17. Nephrology with Dialysis
18. Neurology
19. Neurosurgery
20. Nutrition and Dietitian
21. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
22. Oncology
23. Ophthalmology
24. Orthopaedics and Trauma Care
25. Paediatrics
26. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
27. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
28. Psychiatry
29. Radiology ( CT SCAN, USG, DIGITAL X-RAY )
30. Rheumatology
31. Urology

private rooms for patients at Vayodha Hospital
private rooms for patients at Vayodha Hospital



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