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Research says mother’s profession impact children performance


Kathmandu, April 22, 2018: Nepal government recently studied the performance of students from government and private school in relation to the profession of their mother. The study covered  46,266 students for their study sample from 1,950 government and private schools, representing 26 districts covering all seven province.

Ministry of Education’s Education Review Office shows thought-provoking result on the level of  impact of mother’s profession on children school performance. As, the performance of the children whose fathers are teachers is slight lower than those whose mothers are teachers, numerically 517 and 529 respectively. The impact of the mother whose profession is teaching is ahead than the impact of father who is a teacher.

Gripping information has been highlighted that ‘students helping their parents with household chores and watching limited television’ score higher than the students who don’t. In numbers, the ratio is 516 and 489 respectively. Also, students who worked for longer hours, performed with poor with score 479.