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Revenue collection at Rasuwagadhi transit down

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Dhunche (Rasuwa), February 17, 2016: as import of Chinese goods come to a halt, revenue collection at the Rasuwagadhi customs point has declined steadily in the past few days.
According to Chief Customs Officer at the Rasuwa Customs Office Kedar Paneru, revenue collection has almost come to a nil as traders across the border are busy celebrating the Chinese New Year. Import and export transaction at the border point is expected to resume after two weeks.
Rs 390 million worth of revenue has been collected the customs office on an average annually. However, in just two months after the office resumed service from Timure since the April 25 earthquake the office had made a record collection of Rs. 710 million.Import from China had aggregated right now with the consistent Tatopani traditions finding some conclusion taking after the staggering quake that likewise caused on the Chinese side.



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