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Reviving the legacy: Budhanilkantha School’s Model United Nations program

Budhanilkantha School- Glocal Khabar

When Drama and Debating Club of Budhanilkantha School first initiated Model of United Nations program in Nepal about two decades ago, students from all 75 districts of Nepal were invited as participants. The platform was the first in Nepal to make Nepali students experience the UN setup and help the students learn the art of debating, public speaking and researching. For many years, the program was organized on an annual basis. However, different circumstances made it difficult for the delegates from all the districts to join the forum and eventually it was stopped.

Now, to re-establish the legacy of BNKS MUN, the senior most students of the school are working day and night to organize BNKS MUN 2017 with a motto: ‘Teaching Leadership through discussions and debate.’ Students from 11 different institutions will gather at Budhanilkantha School on November 18th and 19th to discuss the pre-planned agendas: Global refugee crisis and immigration, Economics of development and influence in South and East Asia, Necessity of Military aid and Combating nuclear proliferation to prevent possible nuclear warfare, the topics of discussion.

The preparations for the program started four months ago by forming a core Organizer’s team. They were first finding difficult to manage the resource and sponsors as BNKS MUN was long forgotten. But gradually, number of helping hands increased. After all these hard works, they have come to realize the importance of planning and collaboration. The dedication shown by the students has made the school administration very hopeful for the successful completion of the event.

The Secretary General of BNKS MUN, Nishant Pokhrel, looks very confident that the program will help to restore the MUN culture within Budhanilkantha School. In a conversation to Glocal Khabar, Pokhrel said,

Flipping through old yearbooks of Budhanilkantha School, we realized the significance of BNKS MUN. Now we need to help our juniors get to the standards of continuing the BNKS MUN in the upcoming days too.  We recently conducted MUN workshops for the students of BNKS which helped them realize the importance of such platforms. We have tried our level best to make this highly anticipated program a grand success.

Global Reach, Unicampus Global, Grace International, Buddha Air, Dish Home, and Machhapuchchhre Bank are among the sponsors of the program, and Glocal Khabar is the official media partner.

By: Prashant Bhandari