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The rhododendron jungle hidden in the valley


Kathmandu, April 2, 2017: The valley denizens fed-up of the dust and pollution go to enjoy rhododendron and virgin nature, reaching a distance of 1.5 hours.

Located at 40 Kilometers from Kathmandu, the Manikhel and Chaughare forest of Konjesum, Lalitpur is all red. The visitors been to see the blooming rhododendron flowers can be seen busy on taking selfies.

Though accessible via 1 and a half hours of bus-ride from Kathmandu, the place known as the Karnali region of Kathmandu valley is obscured by the lack of publicity.

Tourists reaching the region feel overwhelmed with joy. They pick up the flowers, embrace and fondle it, and take photos. They feel excited to visit the place, a mine of rhododendron.

Not only the eye-catching rhododendron forest, but also the natural landscape and ethnic values of the region are equally significant. Niranjan Ghimire, a local youth shared that if marketing and promotion of the place were carried out, lots of tourists would be attracted to the place located at a very short travel distance. He also asked help from everyone for the same.

By Chhetu Sherpa

This article was originally published in Nepali in annapurnapost.com. Read the original article here.