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Rising Unconventional Organization- ‘Rave It Up’ Celebrated Their First Founding Anniversary


Bangladesh, November 29, 2015:  Rave It Up celebrated their first founding anniversary on 27th November, 2015 with a boating trip under full moon’s light, on the same river where the organization started its journey. Executive board members from Bangladesh were joined by guest members from India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Ly Chae Loem, a guest member from Cambodia who has been studying in Bangladesh for 4 years now said this was her best travel experience in Bangladesh, and thanked Rave It Up for it. Grandmaster, the founder of Rave It Up said, “The aim of Rave It Up is to feed the soul. People love to hang out, meet new people, explore, travel and see new things. That is the purpose Rave It Up serves. My success is in my members’ happiness in joining my organization.”

WP_20151127_17_00_02_ProThis organization started as a team of friends who love traveling and the first official program was on 27th November 2014, boating on Karnafuli river with 94 participants. Since then more members from different countries including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, Denmark, England and United States have joined. Rave It Up formed their executive board with responsible young people, who have shown strong leadership and interest in the organization’s aim. E-board member Rohan thinks, “These travel trips, tour parties and friends we get from Rave It Up are the fuels that keep our spirit up in the burdens of everyday busy life.”

Rave It Up has had numerous trips in their first year, amongst which mentionable ones are— Trekking at Khoiyyachhora Waterfalls, Boating on Mohamaya Lake and Barbecue Picnic at Parki Beach.“This is the era of entrepreneurs. Rave It Up is a very new entrepreneur concept, and we have just started our journey from nothing; soon we will spread this trend all over the world and we will rise as an international team of friends”, Grandmaster also added.

_MG_5184The purpose of this organization is not limited to travelling and fun but it also implicitly builds leadership skills, management skills and event planning in its members and facilitates personal and professional networking.  Grandmaster welcomes members from all over the world, who will be able to join as a guest member by filling the application form and will be accepted as a permanent member after successful completion of observation period. Although Grandmaster prefers to keep upcoming plans for surprise, he shared some, which includes a trip to Mainamoti heritage site in Comilla, Bandarban Tour and Cruise Trip to Sundarbans.

By: Sumayea Binte Shaiful,

Reporter of Glocal Khabar, Bangladesh


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