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‘Risk of breast cancer can be lowered by early diagnosis and early treatment’


Kathmandu, May 13, 2017: Senior cancer expert Dr. Aarati Shah has said that the risk of breast cancer can be significantly lowered by its early diagnosis and early treatment.

Speaking amidst a breast cancer awareness and interaction program organized in Kathmandu on Saturday, Shah mentioned that there’s still fear in people about the form of cancer. “The scenario has been changed. If we can diagnose it in the early stage, it can be fully cured. If we are aware, we can defeat cancer,” she said.

On the occasion, she mentioned various causes of breast cancer, its signs and symptoms, and how the risk of breast cancer can be lowered. “If you see a change in the appearance of the breasts, feel lumps on it, feel hardness or swelling, discharge of nipple, etc., you need to go for checkups,” she suggested the participants.

“We can’t be sure who can catch cancer, or even who is suffering from cancer. So, we need to be conscious as it can happen to anybody at any age,” she shared on the occasion.

And, it’s advised to carry out breast self-examination, once a month after one is in his/her twenties, she further said. “If found at an early stage, it can be easily cured by carrying out BIOPSY (surgery), radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or hormonal therapy. You don’t need to fear,” she mentioned.

She also shared the coping skills for breast cancer and advised for the early detection and treatment to cure the form of cancer.

The event was attended by representatives from various organizations, health workers and general public concerned about breast cancer.

Dr. Aarati Shah