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River of Peace Campaign conducts Solid-Waste Management Workshop


Kathmandu, 29 December, 2017: River of Peace Campaign (RoPC), an environmental initiative of Global Peace Foundation Nepal conducted ‘Solid Waste Management and Roof-Top Farming’ in Kathmandu. In order to impart the views about utilizing the potential use of resources in Kathmandu, the workshop was mainly intended for the youths to aware them about utilization of solid waste in their community.

This training informed about the possibilities to cover the unused open spaces and transform the unproductive area and waste materials to a valuable asset by counseling the participants about solid waste management and rooftop farming. The event was designed to furnish the youths to surpass their skills and enhance their individual leadership capacity in solid waste management field. Youths participating in the workshop discussed their interests in the field and acquisition of life.

Two reputed resource persons and a single GPF staff Prof. Dr. Ananda Shova Tamrakar are the pillars behind the achievement of the workshop. Prof. Dr. Ananda Tamrakar advanced her presentation by stressing on the fact about the current situation that lacks the utilization of solid waste. “Due to the release of chief greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, the environment is deteriorating day by day”, she said.

Furthermore, Dr.Tamrakar proceeded her presentation by informing the participants about manure known as ‘Black Gold’. She concluded her presentation talking about its methods of preparation and conducive characteristics.

Sesh Narayan Maharjan gave hands-on training on rooftop gardening by displaying pictures of roof-top gardening of his own house. He encouraged everyone to start their own rooftop farming and produce organic foods.”With more industrialization and unplanned urbanization, the greener which mitigates the climate change has tended to degrade day by day”, he added. He was pessimistic about the rampant use of chemically infested food available in the market throughout his presentation.

Ram Rohan Panta, President of GPF Nepal, kindled everyone to remain motivated and disseminate their knowledge to their community as well.