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Robot Sophia to visit Nepal Tomorrow


Kathmandu, March 20, 2018: The Saudi Arabian Citizen Robot Sophia will visit Nepal tomorrow to participate in Technology for Public Services and Development Conference organized by UNDP Nepal.

The program is going to be held on 21st March 2018 at Kathmandu.

Sophia is a humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics company of Hongkong. Sophia made her first public appearance at South West Festival in mid-March 2016 in Austin, Texas, United States. She is able to display more than 62 facial expressions.  She participated in many high-profile interviews around the globe in various media.

In October 2017, the robot became a Saudi Arabia citizen, the first robot to receive citizenship of any country. In November 2017, Sophia was named the United Nations Development Programmer’s first ever Innovation Champion and the first non-human to be given any United Nations title.

Hanson Robotics Limited is a Hong Kong-based engineering and robotics company founded in 2013 that is best known for their development of humans like robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the consumer, entertainment, service, healthcare, and research applications.