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Rotaract Club of Patan completed their 21st installation ceremony


Kathmandu, August 20, 2018: Rotaract Club of Patan completed their 21st installation ceremony on August 18 2018. The ceremony was held in The Buffet Restaurant and Bar, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. The installation was held in presence of Chief Guest Rtn. Gabrielle Mallapaty, President RY 2018/19, Rotary Club of Patan, Guest of Honour Rtn. Shiv Bhakta Rajbhandari, Youth Service Director RY 2018/19, Rotary Club of Patan and District Rotaract Committee Chair Rtn. Anil Shrestha who is also President RY 2003/04 of Rotaract club of Patan.

Rtr. Rubina Shakya presented her summary report for the year 2017/18 which included events from different avenues conducted throughout the year. She also recognized her BOD members for their active participation and contribution during her tenure. She also provided special recognition to two of our past presidents Rtr. Sudeep Shakya and Rtr. Prajwal Shakya for 10 years of their contribution and involvement in Rotaract Movement. Rtr. Rubina Shakya, President RY 2017/18, Rotaract Club of Patan then handed over the 21 year legacy to Rtr. Peshal Bhattarai President RY 2018/19, Rotaract Club of Patan.

Rtr. Peshal Bhattarai presented a very strong acceptance speech with a zeal to make an impact on our society with his theme of this Rota Year 2018/19 “Reach Out”. This year he plans to go out and share the vision and mission of existence of Rotaract and Rortary in the community and to reflect on the past activities as the theme of RID 3292 “Act and Reflect”. He also appointed his 12 board of directors and welcomed two new members to the club family.

Rotaract Club of Patan also released their publication ” Lalit Patan 2018 ” which incorporates articles and wishes from rotaractors belonging to different clubs of different districts. The souvenir was released by Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and DRCC. Club also launched their tshirt and distributed it among its members.

The event witnessed the presence of 78 rotaractors representing more than 19 clubs. There were 3 rotarians and 4 guests. The installation meeting 549 was called and adjourned with toast proposals from Immediate Past President and President for peace and prosperity of the nation and Rotary International.