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DSC_0313Kathmandu, October 2: “Ch- Ch- Chh- Chaaaaaaiiit! Changa Chait“was the popular cry heard in the valley during the period of September and October as Dashain draws near some years before but nowadays we are not able to hear any.

Kite flying is one of our traditions which have to be preserved for our future generations and it is also needed to be promoted among the children of the present generation.

To preserve and promote our age-old tradition of kite flying, Rising Pattipa Youth Club (RPYC) organized first Changa Chait on 25 September at the Malpokhari ground for the children with main objective of promoting kite flying tradition and to bring children together.

DSC_0345The theme for Changa Chait festival was ‘Let’s go fly a kite, raise hopes in the sky‘ to show the hopes of children, youth and of all the Nepali of getting constitution on time for the betterment of country.

Rising Pattipa Youth Club (RPYC) will organize bigger and better Changa Chait event in years to come for promoting kite flying tradition and to bring people together regardless of their age and professional affinities.


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