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Rs 300,000 raised from Facebook for library management


Baglung, December 15, 2016: A fundraising campaign ‘One Individual: One Thousand’ launched in social media- Facebook- for the institutional development of the oldest library in Dhaulagiri zone has been successful in collecting over Rs 300,000.

A revolving fund worth a million rupees will be set up with the collected amount for the smooth operation of the 70-year-old Bidyamandir Library that boasts an extensive collection of more than14,000 books in different languages and genres.

Library Chairman Rajesh Chandra Rajbhandari said, “We launched the fundraising campaign to respond to the financial constraints plaguing our library.”

Hundreds of locals and Nepalis abroad, mostly hailing from Baglung dsitrict, contributed to this cause, shared Rajbhandari.

Rajbhandari opined that the transparency maintained in the fund collection by providing details of the donation and donors in the Facebook page set up for raising the fund had encouraged the donors to join the efforts.

A certificate of appreciation was awarded to those providing above Rs 100,000, added Library Secretary Ram Thapa ‘Abiral’.

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