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Rukum children run sanitation campaign

Rukum, March 14, 2017: Students of Bal Jagaran Primary School of Jhula VDC, Rukum have launched a sanitation campaign through their children’s club, encouraged with strong support from their parents and guardians.

As a result of the campaign, Phrea village of Jhula VDC was declared fully sanitised on March 12. The children’s campaign has also brought positive changes in neighbouring Bafikot, Duli, and Magma villages.

The school’s head teacher Ram Bilash Pun said that children’s sanitation campaign had transformed not only the school but the whole village.

The School Sanitation Programme was launched with assistance from World Food Programme.

The Integrated Development Society Nepal funded by the World Food Programme has been assisting the children’s campaign. With the campaign’s preliminary success, the school has also been declared as a ‘model’ school.

The society has been launching various programmes on sanitation for 18,500 children of 138 primary schools and their parents in the district.

The programme focuses on the eastern VDCs of Rukum, predominately with people from the Magar community.

School Sanitation Programme District Sanitation Officer Jhanak Prasad Joshi said that all the villages of Jhula VDC were announced fully sanitised. “Students learn at school and they teach their parents at home, and then parents teach the whole village,” Joshi said.