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Rural Transportation Disrupted After Police Seize Aging Vehicles


Ilam, Dec 2,2014: The transport entrepreneurs have stopped operating aging vehicles after the police launched a drive to seize such vehicles.

More than a dozen buses operated against the Transport Act and driving rule were taken under control by the traffic police in the district on Sunday. The buses were handed to the transport management office.

According to Assistant Police Inspector at the District Traffic Police Office, Tayam Prasad Shivakoti, the police have launched a drive to catch the buses operated for more than 20 years and the vehicles without renewed documents. With this, the entrepreneurs themselves stopped operating the old vehicles at the district headquarters, Biblyate, Maipokhari and Mangalbare.

After the bus operated in the rural areas stopped service, the people are hit hard, said Tilak Karki, a local from Ibhang. Most of the rural areas have the old vehicles.

Similarly, the tourists are also facing hard times as there are no jeep and vans in the rural areas now.

Chairman of Purbeli Jeep and Taxi Entrepreneurs’ Association, Grishma Shubba, said, “The land rover jeep are the most viable vehicles in the rural areas. But the government’s strict ruling to ban such has badly affected the locals and the tourists.”

The transport entrepreneurs have complained that the government unilaterally imposed the decision. It did not consult the entrepreneurs, they added, arguing that the phase out of the vehicles could be determined not by years of the operation, but by the extent is has polluted the environment.

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