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Russians Hacked White House Computers


April 8, 2015: Russian hackers cracked the White House’s computer system and got access to information including personal details of President Barack Obama’s schedule, as reported by CNN on Tuesday.

The news network reported that unidentified Russia-based hackers first accessed State Department networks and used that to get access to the White House systems. The White House told CNN that no classified information was accessed.

Deputy White House national security adviser, Ben Rhodes said on CNN, “We do not believe that our classified systems were compromised.”

It was confirmed by the administration officials that there was a cyberattack last year on unclassified White House computer networks. However, they said no classified files were violated. Officials refused to point the finger at Russia, but they said Russian interests are among the doubts.

The White House said in a statement, “Our computers and systems have not been damaged, though some elements of the unclassified network have been affected. The temporary outages and loss of connectivity for our users is solely the result of measures we have taken to defend our networks.”

Rhodes refused to comment on any of the news reports. He stated, “We don’t confirm cyberattacks.”

Moreover, Rhodes added, “We have classified systems that are secure and the White House is constantly fortifying its systems.”


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