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Sachin Dangi and His Team: Winners of “Sustainable Cities Challenge”


Kathmandu, August 17, 2018: Sachin Dangi and his team is the winner of United Technologies and New York Academy of Sciences on “Sustainable cities challenge”.

This year academy selected Sachin Dangi from Nepal. His team included Arunima Sen from India, Bani Singh from Norway, Darius Filip from Romania, Ioana Elena Tarabasanu Mihaila from Romania, and Irhum Shafkat from Bangladesh.

An elite talented problem solver from all over the world is selected by Junior Academy which conducts a program under the New York Academy of Science. With the acceptance rate is of 7%, the selected students then form a team of six along with a mentor. Then they use their skills to find the solutions to world challenging issues.

Dangi and his team worked on the “Sustainable cities challenge”. The challenge included the topics like the amount of energy loss, the wellbeing of occupants, identification to alternate sources of energy, sustainable materials identification, water conservation and few other limitations that today’s buildings possess that are contributing in global warming.

Dangi and his team addressed the challenge with “Homestead Green”. It is an eco- friendly building, with green walls, solar panels with 75-degree tilt, grey water recycling, smart assistance system and formulation of ethics among the residence to save energy. Dangi and his team fled to United Technologies (UTC) Headquarters in Florida, United States and were announced as the winner for the solution they have plotted.  Dangi and his team were then flown back to New York to present in The Global STEM Summit 2018 where they were awarded “The New York Academy of Sciences – Distinguished Student” award and the cash prize of 7500US Dollars.