Home News SAGE Nepal conducts Uddhyami Junction with Praramva Biotech

SAGE Nepal conducts Uddhyami Junction with Praramva Biotech

SAGE Nepal conducts Uddhyami Junction with Praramva Biotech
SAGE Nepal conducts Uddhyami Junction with Praramva Biotech

30 December 2014 : Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) – Nepal conducted the second episode of its program, Uddhyami Junction, with Mr. Manish Pratap on 25th December. Mr. Pratap is one of the co-founders of Praramva Biotech Pvt. Ltd which has been producing vermin-compost for the past three years. To an audience of 16 students and young aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Pratap shared about his entrepreneurial journey as well as lessons he learnt along the way.

Being an engineering graduate from Kathmandu University, choosing to stay in Nepal and start a business related to garbage was a challenging task for him as neither his peers nor his parents thought vermin-composting was a respectable business. Maneuvering along the bureaucratic hurdles and corrupt government officials was another challenge which almost daunted him enough to give up the business even before starting. “We had to face lots of hurdles in the customs office when we were importing earthworm from India. They knew we could not afford the delay as it would kill all of our earthworms”, he told the audience.

After a struggle of 3 years, things are finally looking up for Mr. Pratap and his 3 friends who have persisted in the business. The initial production amount of 300 Kilograms has grown exponentially to over 40,000 Kilograms today. According to Pratap, the market is far from saturated though. “We are supplying to a handful of districts only. The potential for growth is enormous”, he said.

He also urged the audience and young students everywhere not to stick to studies only and apply their creative ideas and skills they acquired while they were still in college. As per him, this practical knowledge would help the young aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed in life later.

SAGE Nepal conducts Uddhyami Junction every Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm. Entry is open to every students and aspiring entrepreneurs. However, seats are limited to only 18 people. Interested people can follow them at www.facebook.com/thesagenepal . Next Uddhyami Junction is being organized on 1st January with Mr. Avash Ghimire, the owner of Maidaan Futsal.


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