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Saif and Govinda tease each other about their late coming habit


2 November,2014: Saif Ali Khan and Govinda may be as different as chalk and cheese. But they have two things in common — a reputation of turning up late on the set.

And both of them are sporting enough to admit that they are late lateefs. During the shoot of Happy Ending, the two actors even made a game of it — while they could never report on time for the shoot, each one tried to make sure that he arrived on the set before the other did, at least.

Saif narrates, “One day, we had a 7 am shift and I saw   coolly walk in on the set at 9.30 am. He asked me, ‘Tu kab aaya?’ Since I had also walked in late, I avoided the question altogether and in turn, asked him, ‘Tu bata, tu kab aaya?’ After he prodded me for a while, I finally told him that I did come before him.”

The actor adds, “Later, I heard somebody ask Govinda about his reputation of always coming late and he replied, ‘See, how many films I have done and how many years I have spent in the industry. People don’t remember when I used to come on time and would complete three to four shifts in a day.'”

Source:The Times of India


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