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Sam Smith Whips Out An Ed Sheeran-Sized Surprise Onstage


30 October,2014: Why am I so emotional? Because Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran just sang together on the same stage, and I don’t know if my heart can take it.

The “Restart” singer was performing in the U.K. at Manchester’s prestigious Albert Hall on Wednesday night (October 29), and, to fans’ amazement, Sheeran crashed the set during “Stay With Me.”

Smith took to his Instagram after the concert to express some brotherly adoration, writing: “So amazing to have this KING @teddysphotos on stage with me tonight. Such a wise and true friend to have. Love ya brother x.”

This surprise performance was long overdue, as Ed had previously covered the emotionally stirring ballad back in June. And since the two Brits are in their early twenties and are certainly no strangers to vocalizing their heartbreak, it was only a matter of time before they became besties.

My fingers are crossed for a collab. It will be life-changing.



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