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SAMATA SHRESTHA: Expressing Unspoken Voices Through Poetry


Getting a recognition big enough so as not to keep proving herself on what she is capable of is what she is striving for.

Each end has its beginning. Though Samata Shrestha hasn’t seen her end point, she officially began her journey in the literary field by releasing a book titled “Reflection” at the age of 13. The book was a collection of poems. She started writing at the age of 7 which grew in her teen years to which she gave specific shape.  A moment in the 19 year old lady’s life had triggered her to start writing and express her feelings through the means of poetry.

Since then, Shrestha has engaged herself in various literary competitions. She was titled the winner of “Nepal’s Top 7 young poets” in 2013. Also a runner up in a beauty pageant “Miss SLC Nepal”, she sees her career in literature and has completed a novel which is about to be published very soon. She often writes poems related to national issues, gender discrimination, and other social problems. “I plan to understand the world from different perspectives and cultures through writings, arts, politics or even history,” she shares.

14798833_1414051211956306_1865647813_nRegarding her career choice, she states, “Pursuing a career in literary field is hard only when the idea of earning is very critically analyzed. Though we are artistically rich country, we have yet avoided the fact. Instead, we are trying to manipulate the youths to become doctors and engineers. Otherwise, no career is hard to pursue.”

She has been an active member of the United Nations Youth and Student Association Nepal (UNYSAN)  and Youth Activist Leadership Council (YALC). She also worked as volunteer for the first National Conference on Adolescent Health and Development in Nepal. Participating in many extra-curricular activities and events during her school days helped develop her leadership skills. Not only this, her work experience includes working  as the Media Coordinator in South Asia Communications (June-July 2015), Reporter at The Himalayan Times, and Event Coordinator at Bikalpa Art Center.

Samata, one of the Glocal Teen Hero Finalists says,”You simply need to think big. So, go out and make your own destiny. Don’t wait for others to pave the path for you. Don’t wait for others to find you. Make it on your own.”

14793690_1154047441350304_1288348460_nTalking about her strengths and weaknesses, she adds, “I live in the moment and I live every second very passionately because once it is gone, it is gone for forever. I have a strong mentality that is hard to break down and I equally bring others up. You only get what you give, therefore I’m a very positive person. Since I’m a very passionate person, I sometimes get lost in the task and get too busy. I need to take out my time for the ones I love because we never know the value of anything until we have lost it.”

Shrestha is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in international relations to get a better understanding of the world.

Glocal Teen Hero is a platform for youth incepted by Glocal Khabar, where the youths share their initiation, creativity and enthusiasm which motivates them in entrepreneurial undertaking and brings out the best in them to make youth force the building blocks for country’s development. It is initiated as a movement that as early as their aspirations, hopes , dreams and initiatives are acknowledged, they can create a better future for both the country and themselves and ascend to success.