Samir Phuyal: A Pioneering Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast


    Tech Enthusiast Samir Phuyal is a 16 year old emerging entrepreneur and web developer from Morang who is helping people via technology. He is the founder of online advertising platform ‘Naya Kinmel’ which facilitates buying and selling between people.

    His Journey

    Ever since Samir was exposed to the world of coding, he has been passionate about it. After learning how to code, he taught himself programming languages which are crucial for every tech enthusiast. “I learned something valuable after learning programming languages which made me think I could use this knowledge for something better and useful to people,” said Samir. After some tinkering, he successfully created an advertising platform called ‘Naya Kinmel’, a platform which digitalizes advertisements and connects buyers and sellers making their shopping experience easier. “Through this online market space, local people can post advertisements of their items they want to sell and reach the buyers quickly,” he said. He is also running ‘HamroTech’ YouTube channel which teaches web development and programming in Nepali Language.

    Samir recently took part in Information and Communication Technology awards 2019, biggest tech event of Nepal which celebrates milestones of technology. He took part in the category of Rising Student Award competition and presented his project on Naya Kinmel to the jury members. He was successful enough to grab a spot in the top 5 of the category. “ICT award is an amazing platform as it is the biggest tech event. Being in the top 5 helped me validate my ideas among many tech enthusiasts of the country,” he said.

    As a +2 student of science, Samir had difficulty juggling studies with his work. He is passionate about web development and wants to invest more time on it but isn’t able to because of his academic priorities. Making the proverb ‘when there is a will, there is a way’ true, Samir still does coding and programming in his free time.

    After participating in ICT awards, Samir was introduced to the vibrant tech community of Nepal and realized many people in Nepal are interested in tech field. He is optimistic about the technological development of Nepal and thinks Nepal has milestones to reach.

    Glocal Teen Hero and his future plans 

    He stumbled upon the Glocal Teen Hero page where he found out about the platform which fascinated him. “I am confident that this platform will provide me with the opportunities that I’ve been seeking. I have already presented my ideas to huge mass of audience before and I think the platform of GTH has even more number audience who can know about innovative projects of young minds,” said Samir

    Academically, Samir wants to pursue his interests and major in Information Technology (IT). He wants to continue web development and develop online web pages which can help people.

    Samir Phuyal was selected among the 20 brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers below the age of 20 in Nepal, for the year 2019. This annual list is the ultimate honor roll of young game changers reshaping Nepal for the better. The platform seeks to encourage the youths to share their initiation, creativity, and enthusiasm which will then motivate them and more of the other youths in the nation to develop an entrepreneurial thinking.