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Samsung opens Smart Class in Birethanti Village, Nepal


January 11, 2017: Samsung has opened its first Smart Class in Birethanti village, Nepal. The Smart Class is the flagship citizenship initiative by the multinational company, aimed at bridging the digital gap between rural and urban centers. The class strives to provide equal opportunities for quality education to children from all backgrounds.

Samsung had started the smart class system at the Birethanti Secondary School, home to nearly 230 students, some of whom trek miles through the mountains to attend their class. Set in the Modi Khola Valley at a height of around 1,100 metres in Nepal, Birethanti is a small village and serves as a starting point for trekkers on the way to the popular Annapurna Base Camp. The village is dotted with small tea shops and souvenir sellers.

“We want to support Nepali people because it’s a developing country. That’s why we have planned a Samsung Smart Class in Nepal. We plan to take the digital experience to more areas and more people in the future,” said Yubeom Won, Vice President of Samsung Electronics. The Smart Class at Birethanti in Nepal will help Samsung take its vision of “technology to all” to the people in the Himalayas.

The school runs classes from Nursery to Grade 10th, but most students are in higher grades, as younger kids find it difficult to walk up to the school.

12-year-old Vishal’s first love is painting. He is among the 12 students who make the school’s dream team. The launching of the Samsung Smart Class means Vishal is now looking forward to spending more time in the classroom too. The shiny new tablets in the Smart Class are attracting students like Vishal from the painting class to the Smart Class.

“I like this class very much because other classes have white boards and books, but here we have a screen,” Vishal said.

The School’s Painting teacher, Ku Hyun-Kim, says there is a buzz among the students about the Smart Class. “Digital is a very high technique and art is a very old technique. The harmony between high technique and old technique is good for our students,” he added.

The inauguration of the Smart Class was a happy occasion for teachers and parents. Moreover, for many students, the advent of digital education meant a sure shot way to fulfill their dreams.

“We are very happy that Smart Class has come to our school. We are lucky,” said Ranjana Magar, who aspires to become a teacher.

Source: Samsung Newsroom India