Kathmandu, September 19: People’s Climate March is the project initiated to decrease the problems regarding the climate change. It is the one of the motivating step taken by some youths to work for the nation and its development as well.

Nepal is categorized as the least developed country but listed as one of the naturally richest country. However, many natural calamities are increasing tremendously due to the negligence of different factors and global warming. Youths from different fields are working heartily and united to get success for the People’s Climate March.


The main objective of this event is to pressurize government and reach the objectives and agreement to be made as a success in UN Climate change program. Similarly, there are various methodologies taken to hold the march on 20th September 2014.

Aarti poudel, a young volunteer says “it is not only the individual interest or the individual benefits but it’s the national objective. This rally will contextualize the voice of Mother Nepal crying for the help to save climatic disorders.”

Likewise, Ramesh Yadav a youth volunteer activist is focusing for the green house effect and the problems which are very sensitive regarding global warming. They are marching the rally to save the mother earth, Save the Himalayas. Furthermore he adds the danger in future likely to seem is the exploitation of human rights.

More than 1000 people are attending this climate march event. Moreover, 24 organizations, 12 colleges are helping the march without any personal interest. The most important part is the delegation will be sent to PM Sushil Koirala to mark the Peoples Climate March on 20th Sept 2014. Different arts, communities, photos, medias are the tools that are supporting the Peoples Climate March.

The countries like New York, Germany and so on, which are the developed countries have initiated with the rally already. We also need to take a step ahead and is a message to everyone standing on the door.

Thus, everyone must attend the Peoples Climate March on 20th, Sept 2014.


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