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School for the children of free Kamaiyas awaits revamp

DEO, Morang, picketed
DEO, Morang, picketed

Bhimduttanagar, Dec 8, 2014: The freed Kamaiyas (indentured farm workers) although got freed from the landlords and creditors, they have not been able to free themselves of bad feelings.

That is not all, unlike the kids of the well-off people, the kids of this worker-class people are bereft of a quality childhood, including quality education.

They are deprived of quality education, owing to the poor recourses of the school.

The 540 freed Kamaiyas who were rehabilitated in the Bandi Camp along the shore of Macheli river in 2001(2058 BS), are worried about the future of their children, especially when it comes to enabling and empowering their children with a quality education in the light of poor condition of the one and only school in their camp.

The 11-roomed Balkalyan Lower Secondary School has currently 386 children enrolled which is 85 per cent of the total children in the camp.

The school has four teachers whose salary has long been overdue.Chandra Singh Rana, the Headmaster of the school explained, “The school has been running on private resources. We have not been able to pay the teachers either.”

“We have leased out three and a half bigha of the school’s land for Rs 40,000 a month,” the Headmaster said, adding, “The amount does not suffice to run the school smoothly.” The school building itself is in depleted condition.

Apart from some grant the District Education Office provides, Headmaster Rana said, no other government agency has been helping the school in its effective operation.



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