School Education Slow Off The Mark: Ministry Official

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School Education Slow Off The Mark: Ministry Official

Kathmandu,4 Feb 2015: Joint Secretary at the Finance Ministry, Nirmal Hari Adhikari, has said despite huge investment in education sector, the school education is slow off the marks in our country.

At a talk programme on ‘Education in Federalism’ organized by the Education Ministry, UNESCO Kathmandu Office and the Education Journalists’ Association in the capital city on Wednesday, Joint Secretary Adhikari said the budget should be demanded based on need.

At a time the demand of augmenting budget allocation to 20 percent of the total in the education sector, the Joint Secretary said the budget could be allocated based on need not on percentage.

According to him, a total of Rs 87 billion is spent in education in a year. It was quite challenging to make achievements as per the investment in this sector, he added.

Similarly, Joint Secretary at the National Planning Commission, Dr Tirtharaj Dhakal, admitted that there was no conformity between the budget and achievement in the education sector.

Spokesperson at the Education Ministry, Dr Hari Lamsal, said internal discussion was continuous on what could be the future education policy in the federal country.




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