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School plays Deusi and Bhailo for paying teachers


Myagdi (Beni), 27 Oct 2014: A secondary school at Pilple-3 in Myagdi has raised fund worth two million rupees playing Deusi and Bhailo (traditional singing and dancing programme) during the recently concluded festival, Tihar.

The amount will be utilized for paying the teachers who earlier had been paid the salary managed from the private resources, said the headmaster of the school, Ramesh Singh Thakuri.

Raghuganga Secondary School, which has around 300 students with the number of the teacher disproportionately lesser had been facing financial crisis to run the classes for long. The school has seven teachers at primary level, two at the lower secondary, and three teachers at the secondary level- all hired from school’s resources.

The school envisaged Deusi Bhailo as an effective measure to their perpetual problem- the financial crunch- and thereby a group of school’s staffers, people from the School Management Committee danced and sang for the social cause.

The social cause further got support from the locals. “Clubs as Aaama Samuha and education lovers contributed to this cause,” informed the chairman of the School Management Committee, Laxmi Prasad Sharma.

“With the fund raised – remarkably a hefty amount – the school is believed to run its classes smoothly,” he added.

Previously, the school had been arranging teachers’ salary – Rs 0.7 million per annum- from the private resources as there has been no any teacher vacancy for the Secondary level teacher from government.

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