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Scientist Too Believe In Religion: Guru Mohan Priyacharya


Kathmandu, Nov. 16, 2014: Guru Ji Shree 1008 Mohan Priyacharya has said the belief on god leads one to happy life and does well to the spirit.

Giving a lecture on ‘God and Concept of Divinity’ at a programme at Bagmati College of Sukedhara, Guru Priyacharya argued that even the scientists have believed in the rule of God.

Religion is necessary to protect the world, he said, adding, “Both science and religion are seeking truth. So, it is time to know about scientific religion (belief). Religious belief should be made scientific.”

Founder Chairman of the College, Surendra Sitaula, said although he was a science professor, he was now following a spiritual path. He also informed that a book named ‘Gyansagar’ was introduced in the school curriculum to give moral education to the students.





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