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Scope of Bachelors of Film Making in Nepal


Nepali films are in the way of gaining popularity. With the innovations of new techniques and crafts of storytelling, the films are being popular among Nepali audiences. Nepali cinema has a distinct cinephilia from the pasts and new tastes are being introduced. The films of Hollywood and Bollywood have massive production value and the market is always there to back up the budget. Nepali films are still collecting the mass popularity despite limited resources, technologies, and budget. The Budget doesn’t always matter to make a great film. Learning the craft and art of filmmaking, the filmmakers from the new generation are trying to shape the industry.

Course concept

It includes the course like Directing (Fiction), Directing (Documentary), Cinematography (Digital), Cinematography (Film), Editing, Screenwriting, Script Development, Sound Design, Sound Recording. The camera formats used in the course are HDV, HDCAM/HDTV, 16mm, etc. Adobe Premiere, Linear Video Editing Systems are the post-production systems used in the course.

Oscar International College is first and only university-affiliated film school in Nepal. The course oscar offers contains the in-depth venture in cinema art during the three years’ time. The dedicated mentors will guide throughout the years. Since its establishment in 2004, the only university-affiliated course about filmmaking is steadily growing and is constantly trying to find its existence among so many academic disciplines.

Application Requirements  

The applicants must pass +2 or any equivalent examination in any stream (Science, Commerce, Humanities or Education) from any board recognized by Tribhuwan University. The least acceptable percentage is 40%. Anyone who has an interest in filmmaking despite having other higher qualifications is also highly encouraged to apply. Face to face interview will be taken after the Entrance Examination.

Career scope

In comparison to other sophisticated film schools around the world, Academic Director Manoj Raj Babu mentioned, “Oscar may not have advanced technologies and equipment but I don’t believe there is an international standard. We have our own styles and practices. The study of cinema is not only about the technologies and infrastructures. It’s more about the senses, philosophies and aesthetics understandings. With the help of theoretical and practical knowledge that the students gain from the college, it would be easy for them to compete in the market. The film industry is full of unlearned and unskilled human resources who don’t have the confidence to innovate the ways of the narrative.  They are always repeating the same old outdated formulas. The new film makes with the proper knowledge of art and craft of filmmaking will easily find their place in the industry. We believe the spiritual venture through the codes of temporal art. The Nepali cinema is gradually changing and we believe the new filmmakers with proper guidance and insight of cinema sense will help to shape the cinema fraternity. We don’t only define cinema as a commercial commodity, we worship cinema as a serious work of art.”

Social Status

Babu emphasized, “Teaching the possibilities and depth of cinema art, we are expecting the change of Nepali cinema in the future.” The Nepali cinema fraternity has established itself as a medium of surface entertainment with so many repetitive formulas and Bollywood clichés. The possibilities and depth of cinema as a serious work of art is still overlooked and in such a scenario, the filmmaking course is still struggling to find its identity. However, the new generation trying to explore new possibilities. People are diving into the work of art and fantasizes the visual world as their careers and are breaking the bars and revolting with their own family to follow their passion. This is uplifting the market of Nepali cinema creating the wider and expanding the scope of Nepali film.

By: Sampada Dahal