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SDGs festival to be organized in province 1


Kathmandu, May 13: Nepal Youth Council is set to host Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) festival with the support from UNDP on May 26 in Province 1.

Nepal Youth Council is organizing the SDGs festival in all the seven provinces of the country, with an aim of localizing the Sustainable Development Goals and making local governments and the concerned authorities more responsible for achieving those goals. UNDP has been supporting the series of festivals in every province.

SDGS is a courageous and worldwide agreement which envisions to abolish poverty and create an equal, justified and secure world for humans, earth and prosperity.

A total of 17 goals and 169 supporting goals are a part of Agenda 2030, which was passed by the general convention of member states of the United Nations in September, 2015 and implemented from 1st January, 2016. These goals were set by bringing together governments from all over the world and millions of people to discussion and consultation on these ambitious work plans.

National Youth Council is organizing SDGs festival in Biratnagar in May 26, with an aim of localizing the global Sustainable Development Goals through the active participation of the youth. The local coordinators for the program in province 1 are Protsahan Nepal, Quick Volunteers and Youth Dev Center and various other organizations have extended their support . Shuva Khabar and Glocal khabar are the official media partners for the festival.