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Second edition of Udhyami 101 concludes with an Interactive session: Basics of Starting a Business


Kathmandu, December 11, 2017: The concluding event of the second edition of Udhyami 101, a subsidiary of Udhyami Seed Camp – Tech Edition, was held on 10th December, 2017 with the theme revolving around ‘Basics of Starting a Business’. The entrepreneurship program invited students, tech-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial veterans, mentors and industry supporters from all around the country.

Kavi Raj Joshi, the Managing Director and Co-Founder of STARTUPSNepal, orated about the event that primarily focused on the Udhyami program franchise and the theme of the event. Furthermore, he conversed about the vitality of technological advances that could prove to be conducive to the upcoming startups and existing businesses

Head of Business Development, Marketing and Digital Finance Services of IME, Daniel Shrestha depicted the important role played by the technology in the finance and remittance sector of his company, IME. “Our company has grown in the past 16 years, bringing in remittance amounting to $6 billion annually, and we continue to scale greater heights with the help of technology”, said Shrestha.

The event comprised of veteran entrepreneurs Shailendra Raj Giri, Founder and CMD of MeroJob.com, Sameer Mani Dixit, Co-founder and Vice Chairman of Centre for Molecular Dynamics Nepal and Ajay Shrestha, CMD of iCapital. They analyzed the possibilities and challenges of running a business in a panel discussion moderated by Bibushan Bista, CEO of YoungInnovations.

Each veteran had a different perspective about. Sameer Mani Dixit focused vision, grit and drive as essential factors to run a business. Similarly Shailendra Raj Giri inspired the young entrepreneur to become committed and make the best utilization of time. Giri cited, “Not everyone has the capacity to become an entrepreneur, it takes a whole lot of effort, commitment, time and it definitely isn’t for everyone.”

The participants of the event showcased their journey of entrepreneurship and the progress of their products in the present. The event concluded with the speech of Abhay Pareek on ‘Enabling Ecosystem for Tech Entrepreneurs’, focusing on the efficient use of technology in the context of Nepal.

Udhyami101 creates a vibrant platform for the young and innovative minds to come together and create a collaborative and prosperous entrepreneurial society. Through Udhyami101, STARTUPSNepal hopes to cultivate a joint startup and entrepreneurial community and cater its unique needs accordingly.

By: Kabita Sen