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Second Photo Kathmandu to be organized in October


Kathmandu, July 10, 2016: Photo Kathmandu, Nepal’s only international photography festival, is gearing up for its second edition, scheduled for this October.

“The festival attempts to create connections between the city, its people, its history, and its dreams and aspirations. It serves as an alternative platform for conversations between visual storytellers and local audiences,” says the press release issued by Photo.Circle, organizer of the festival.

The release further says that the festival seeks to actively promote Nepal as a vibrant cultural destination, and support the recovery of tourism, an industry that has been severely affected by the earthquakes of 2015.

The festival will host exhibitions, slide-shows, artist talks, workshops and a mixed-media residency that will bring artists together to respond to and converse with the historic city of Patan, where the festival will be held.

“While the first edition of Photo Kathmandu was centered on Nepal, this year’s festival will have a broader scope, with about a dozen print exhibitions from across Asia,” says Co-Director of the festival, NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati, in an statement. She further says that the festival has chosen to go without a theme this year, but will feature works that speak to ideas of resilience and revival. “It will examine how the human spirit overcomes conflict, disasters or personal challenges, and will present stories of survival and triumph from around Asia to the alley-ways of Patan. Furthermore, the festival hopes this will be one of many ways through which the Nepali public will find the resolve to overcome adversities, and the inspiration to nurture new dreams.”

Artist Residency

The month-long artist residency with Bangladeshi artist and curator Mabubur Rahman, co-founder of Britto Art Trust, will invite six artists of varying disciplines to live and work together in Patan for four weeks and explore intersections between photography, sound, video, writing, performance, poetry and other mediums. The residency will encourage artists to experiment, collaborate and respond to each other and the city of Patan, creating a site-specific body of work that will be exhibited during the main exhibition program of Photo Kathmandu 2016.

Application for the residency is available at the website http://www.photoktm.com/2016/residency and will be open till 25 July.

The festival will be held in October, 2016.

Established in the year 2007 as a platform for photography in Nepal, Photo.Circle strives to create opportunities for photographers to learn, exhibit, publish and market their work through workshops, publications, exhibitions and commissioned assignment work. Through its various activities and by bringing photographers and other visual storytellers together, Photo.Circle aspires to nurture unique voices that document and engage with social change in Nepal.