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Secondary Education Examinations Set to be Held


Bhaktapur, March 19, 2018:  The Secondary Education Examinations (SEE) is scheduled to be held from Thursday, March 22, 2018. A total of 485,586 students is sitting for the exam.

The total number of regular students in girls categories are 223,311 and the boy’s categories are 227,204 while the number of girls students taking the exam under exempted category is 14,824 and the number of boys is 9,247.

The maximum number of students (183,000) appearing in the exam are from Province 3 while Province 6 has the least number (38,592).

According to the National Examination Board (NEB), the examination will take place at 1,956 centers set up across the country. The examination is taking off for the first time as per a new curriculum.

NEB also informed that 1,956 superintendents, 2,450 assistant superintendents, 20,340 supervisors, 10,676 assistants and 29,340 security personnel (total 64,762 human resources) will be mobilized for conducting the exams which will run until April 13.

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