Security beefed up in the highways and borders across Chitwan

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Security beefed up in the highways and borders across Chitwan

Ratnanagar (Chitwan) Nov 19: The District Administration Office (DAO) Chitwan has started beefing up the security in the highways and at the bordering areas in Chitwan in view of the potential visit by the upcoming SAARC Summit’s guests.

The summit is being held in the capital on November 26-27 this year.

According to Janardan Gautam, Assistant Chief District Officer, Chitwan, the security measures in the highways and border areas in Chitwan have been observed as per the instructions from the higher ups in view of potential visit of the SAARC summit’s guests to Chitwan.

Janardan said that a team of Armed Police Force deployed by Border Security Office, Chitwan, have already carried out a field monitoring/visit, and a joint team of Nepal Police and Armed Police is shortly brining Check Points into operation in Lothar and Muglin, the bordering areas in the district.

DAO and the joint team, keeping the security concerns of the main sites in the district center-stage, have tightened the security.

The security measures also have been implemented around the border areas gauging the possibility of bringing forth small weapons from places bordering India.

The police said that they are observing the necessary precaution in view of possible sight-seeing by the international guests of the summit to Chitwan, house to the a wildlife park enlisted in the world-heritage site

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