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SEE appeared students learn to face college interviews


Kathmandu, May 8, 2017: More than a dozen of SEE appeared students recently attended ‘Facing Interview’ workshop in Kathmandu.

Facilitated by Subhrajit Dutta, an expert public speaking trainer from India, the one-day workshop aimed at enabling the participants to face college interviews.

The training focused on maintaining correct posture while entering the interview room, and how to stand and walk into the room. The participants also learned about the dress code for an interview, hand gestures and body language, Dos prior to the interview, and Dos and Don’ts during the interview.

Video recording was done for the participants to see their own movement and understand what went right and where to improve. Tips for corrections was also shared during the session.

Enthused by the ideas learn in the workshop, Swastika Yogi who is planning to pursue Cambridge A-Level Science shared, “The things learned in the session were totally new things for me, which are not taught in the schools at all. Attending this session has helped to boost my confidence level. Now, I can confidently appear for the college interview.”

The programme was hosted by GAS Centre – Alfa Beta.

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