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A SEE graduate from Dhangadhi who surprised all by inventing three wheeled Remote-Controlled Car – Story of Tanmay Chaudhary


Glocal Teen Hero Top 6 Finalist

Tanmay is a 17-year-old inventor who is currently working on a three-wheeled car named ‘R1 KitKat’, which is small transportation vehicle with capacity of 4 people. He is working to make it a wireless remote-controlled vehicle.

It is in the process and he is adding other features to make it very unique and advance.

He has envisioned to successfully test the car and make it available in market under 1 lakhs, within the span of next five years.

He plans to make it a substitute to bull-carts in rural areas. He has a big dream to see people using it for daily commuting, transporting of goods, fertilizers, vegetables, crops and seeds in rural areas.

“Many people in my locality are inspired seeing my work,” shares Tanmay with pride.

Three wheeled remote controlled car invented by Tanmay Chaudhary

His upcoming project is ‘JET ENGINE’. And, nearly about half work has already been completed for this.

Tanmay is a young boy with keen interest in science/mechanics.

He wants to be a successful engineer/inventor of Nepal. He wants to invent many other things, inspire others, and train numerous aspiring young scientists.

He aims to be able to open a factory for manufacturing three-wheeler car in Nepal itself.

Apart from the car, he has also invented drone, electric cycle, and hydraulic arm among others.

His school, Axis Vidyasharm, organized the first ever science exhibition in Dhangadhi just to showcase the projects developed Tanmay.

Many were taken by surprise to see the inventions of a 10th grader. He was able to inspire many through his works.

Three wheeled remote controlled car invented by Tanmay Chaudhary
Three wheeled remote controlled car invented by Tanmay Chaudhary

Seeing the program, many others schools are also conducting similar science exhibitions around Dhangadhi.

Likewise, engineering students of Pulchowk Engineering Campus were also very impressed by him and his projects. They seemed highly impressed by his hard work. College teachers, President of Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) and representatives from Society of Mechanical Engineering Students of Nepal (SOMES) were too impressed, and offered for helps if needed.

Tanmay has become an idol for students and teachers from various schools and colleges in Dhangadhi.

“Many students from colleges used to visit my home to see my project and ask me to do even better and do great things for the nation,” Tanmay reminisces.

“I am keen interested in science. I am not very good at study, but I am very good at inventing things. After I start something, I stop only after giving a finishing shape to it no matter how many days it is gonna take for me to complete. This is my strength,” Tanmay shares about his strengths that brought him to this position.

Tanmay Chaudhary was selected as one of the top 6 finalists for Glocal Teen Hero 2017 through a rigorous selection process. An interview round with the respected jury panel and SMS voting will select the Glocal Teen Hero – The Fantastic Teen for this year.
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