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SEE Results – The Ultimate Hype and Fear!


Let’s face it. The results are out. Some of us might have got great grades- Many, Many Congratulations To All The Achievers! And yet, there are others who managed to get so and so results. But wait, DO NOT FEEL HIGH AND DRY! Because, as it turns out, it only adds itsy bit of value later in life. How can I simply say that? Well, I have passed through the phase, and have come a long way after that. Trust me! All the emotions you are feeling right now, will pass in time. 

Rush of Emotions – The one that comes with the results

It is only obvious for one to be happy, or, in some other cases to be just content only; confused regarding what to opt for; fear of what next is to come in life; excited because, well, you are finally done with schooling and so and so on. But, you should know that, this grade will count just for the next step you are going to take, and I can guarantee that colleges WILL take you in. Whatever GPAs you obtained WILL NOT matter for all that you do in life. So, to those who are worried regarding the average or low grades, it is the skill and knowledge that actually matters than those mere As, Bs or Cs you got.

How it was in my time

So, back in my time we did not have a grading system. I reckon you must be thinking what grades I got. Well, I secured only 75.50% in 2068 B.S. (2012 A.D.) and at that time, it was a HUGE disappointment. Relatives called, they asked of course. They knew, sighed, and that was pretty much it. At the end of the day, it should matter to YOU only. Should you be happy with the grades you got? Absolutely! You poured in all your efforts, now is the time to enjoy with the results.

My Personal Suggestion

It is most essential for you to decide what you want to do in life. Make a planner of all the possible courses you can take. Do plan for alternative action(s) too, because, what if the path you chose doesn’t actually meet up to your expectations or what if it doesn’t work for you; you will at least have some other course of action you can opt for. So it is always good to be safe. Put your utmost efforts in pursuing your dreams. Do not fear of what others will think because once you succeed in what you do, everything else will be forgiven.

Also, I do not intend to sound so firm, making all the SEE graduates stick to schedule. You have passed the iron gate. Give yourself a treat! Hangout with friends, go for a movie. But also learn to be responsible, because you students, are the youths of tomorrow. Just keep grooming yourself in all the possible ways you can!

Finally, I wish you (the recent SEE graduates) all the best for your future endeavors!

Shreyasa Dhakal