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Seven Parks on Bagmati River Bank

Seven Parks on Bagmati River Bank
Seven Parks on Bagmati River Bank

Kathmandu, March 2: Seven parks are being constructed on the bank of the Bagmati River to keep the river clean for long. Five parks have already been made from Jorpati to Guheshwori along the Bagmati River.

As the weekly clean-up campaign has taken a very long time to make the Bagmati River clean, the construction of the parks was initiated along with planting of tree saplings.

It was carried out jointly by the Ramro Jorpati, Hamro Jorpati campaign, and the Pudashaini Society, said Society Chairman Uttam Pudashaini, adding that two remaining parks are under construction.

Some parks are memorial while some are for fun. There is children’s park near Narayantar Bridge, similarly a unique fountain park at Hatyamochan Ghat, a memorial park at Gothathar and others.

According to Society Chairman Pudashaini, the parks were built on the resources generated by the locals. The Society was just the coordinator. In some parks, the sakura samplings brought from Japan are planted.

Another coordinator of the park construction campaign, Batuk Krishna Dhungel, commented on the ongoing Bagmati River clean-up campaign, saying the Bagamti River in the Jorpati area again turned dirty after the campaign initiated from Sundarijal with the leadership of Chief Secretary of the government, Leelamani Poudyal, reached Sinamangal.

“Park construction was initiated to attract participation of locals in the river clean-up campaign. The locals have therefore the ownership of the parks. It would have taken hundreds of thousand if it was done by the government side, but the people made it on their own. It has given a very positive message,” he added.

Moreover, the people have set a rule that every household celebrating any family event as marriage and tonsure ceremony must plant tree sapling in the park.

Following rule, many newly weds of the area have planted trees in the parks.

Similarly, the students from various schools have been attracted towards planting trees in the parks and garden on the banks of the Bagmati River.

The unique park is really very different from others. The structure here is dissimilar. New things are being added here.

The parks made in memory of the dead ones will have basil and camphor, said Mr Dhungel, adding that these plants and trees help purify the atmosphere. These are holy plants too.

The Sakura Park covers 350 meters’ area where the sakura plants brought from Japan are planted.

Balram Shrestha, who has returned to Nepal and arrived here after long time advocacy in Japan, said the Sakura Park was giving him a feeling of being in Japan.

The campaign has also decided to construct a monkey park at Guheshwori near Pashupatinath. There will be trees and plants the monkey loves to eat.

Also a park for elderly and the park with medicinal herbs are envisioned by the campaign. The medicinal herbs and flowers will emanate fragrance in the environs, added Mr Pudashaini.

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