Sex and Reproductive Health Talk : Breaking the Silence


    Sometimes I feel like everything around changed and  we are heading towards a new era of modern Communication. Everything has become Global, from our group of friends to the education that we are receiving.

    One big issue is that the youths in Nepal  lacks communication regarding sex and reproductive health. Talking about sex, about our biological body and problems related is still a taboo! In a circle of friends who are very intimate, there are rarely discussions regarding sex.

    You rarely find someone who talks about sex and if you start a communication you will know that people are very less aware about many terms and consequences related to it.

    It has become a major issue to the Teenagers who have been trapped with many physical, biological, social and psychological problems associated with their physical relation. They fall for each other, get attracted and then get into physical relationship. Everything is all very “Romantic” until then. The real problem starts when the girl starts panicking .Oops !  Something happened unknowingly and the consequences when she is probably a mother. The thought of being able to procure when you did not want is harsh and the reality is that she’s unprepared to bear a child which is even more harder.

    The unwanted baby can be aborted. But is that the real solution? Isn’t it fair to discuss it earlier and further get into relation? Prevention and knowledge was far better than the real problem.

    Many girls have problem with their menstruation cycle. They have hormonal disorder and vaginal infections mostly yeast infections. There are irritations in between the cycle and many are unaware about PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome).

    Many boys start masturbation at the age of around the age of 13 worldwide. They face wet dreams, erections and many other abnormal problems in their Puberty. Every individual may have different problem associated with reproduction.

    Many times, there are problems and many times of confusions that teenagers have been facing. They rarely know about the consequences that may occur in their life. They are not every time in a state to get hurt and come back to normal situation.

    Had both discussed their sex life, and maintained the safety the things would be easy the other round.

    One thing that I never understood is that, when someone is taught about everything and is open with all kind of communication, why is Sex talks so much overrated??

    C’mon knowing and sharing your problems should not be that big issue. You must have the courage to speak up .

    The Youths must know about the consequences of physical relation. They must know about the risk of unsafe and unknown relation as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and also the other major psychological disorders that can occur. Many times our cultural mindset has dominated our communication and the reality has become dangerous.

    SEX is natural. It is an expression of intimacy, the basic need defined by many scholars worldwide and still sex has been limited to the couples. Many times the teenagers and youth have no options then to stay silent and bear the pain rather than finding a solution.

    It is real time that youths must focus and discuss issues regarding their reproductive health and Sexual problems.

    Until when is our learning limited to what has been discussed in our classes ?

    Isn’t it real time we break the silence and speak up?

    By: Rusha Giri


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