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Shaking leg for social cause as part of 16 Days of Activism against GBV (with video)


Kathmandu, December 11, 2016: The swanky Labim Mall at Pulchowk in Lalitpur was brimming with shoppers and visitors on Saturday noon.

Suddenly, a group of girls dressed alike (in colors) assemble at the mall’s main gate and disperse, masquerading either as a visitors or shoppers.

They wander, albeit keeping a close eye contact with one another from a distance, and wait to join a faint voice that goes on to become a booming one with an outrageous song that introduced themselves both as a Saint and Slut.

Some two dozens of young girls, all in black and red modern outfits, clap their hands to garner their attention to the flash mob they were going to put on the occasion of the last day of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, coinciding with the 68th Human Rights Day.

The ladies representing Madalenas Nepal, a network of women in Nepal committed to social-transformation for peace and equality between all genders through theatre and the arts, then danced for a twin cause – to express themselves and inspire and empower other women alike.


The audiences huddle in no time and stare in awe the girls shaking legs in sync in five women-oriented songs, mostly the dance tracks in fast beat both in Hindi and English back to back.

The eight-minute long dance choreographed by dance professional Sumnima Sampang intended to incorporate moves depicting all sorts of emotional aspects of women from longing, loving, giving to revolting, to make women feel dainty as well as defiant.


The titillated audiences, mostly youngsters and women screamed as the performers provoked them with the songs- ‘Womaniya’ and ‘ Who runs the World’.

One of the audiences, Deelipa Shree was all praises for the performers. She admired, “I was mesmerized by the girls and their power puff performance.”

Performers, who come from all walks of life, were too upbeat by the audience’s emotional responses yet they danced unfazed till the songs came to an end.

One of the Madalenas Nepal members, Pashupati Rai gushed that it was an overwhelming experience for her to perform before audiences whom she found so welcoming and encouraging to her team’s efforts.

Pashupati and her peers, who breezed in the mall initially stormed out of the mall right after their act, leaving the audiences bewildered for their performance as it meant to instigate critical thinking and creative imagination among the audiences.

After doing their show at the Labim Mall, the performers then proceeded to Patan Durbar Square for another performance with the same theme.

Photos Courtesy: Madalenas Nepal

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