Home National Shilpakar sets out on ‘flag journey’

Shilpakar sets out on ‘flag journey’

Shilpakar sets out on 'flag journey'
Shilpakar sets out on 'flag journey'

Kathmandu, 17  November 2015: The passion and deep reverence for Laxmi Narayan Shilpakar, a local of Kuleshwor in the capital, has been so intense that he set out today on a journey across the country carrying the national flag. He was seen off at the Kathmandu Durbar Square by senior artist Kiran Manandhar and other social figures.

Shilpakar sets out on 'flag journey'
Shilpakar sets out on ‘flag journey’

Shilpakar is scheduled to reach all 75 districts carrying the national flag aimed at recognizing the significance of the national flag and creating awareness among the people about it.

He will begin his journey from Taplejung. Shilpakar was inspired to undertake the journey carrying the national flag for it was a symbol of nationality, patriotism and identity. He has urged all to recognize, respect and fly the national flag as it was directly connected with our nation and nationality as well as unique in shape, style, colour and symbols.

Before this, he used to be seen at Durbar Square holding and waving a large-sized national flag every day and was known as the ‘flag man’.

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