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shoes for your zodiac


17 September, 2015: Shoes that carry your style, is now jotted according to your zodiac. Read on to find out which shoe fits you.


The Arian girl likes to be in control and in a dominant position. A sexy red pump suits her style when out for a party or she also has the option of trading her stilettos for a well fitted shoe, that’s stylish yet comfy.


The Taurus woman loves everything that’s beautiful and keeps an eye on both current and past trends. She feels most at home with earthy tones like beige or brown and a leather stiletto in these colours make her stand tall looking elegant.


Gemini loves having fun and her flirty, chatty side reflects in her taste for clothes and accessories. She loves bright warm colours like yellow, orange and pink and is more likely to opt for a pair of high heels or any shoe that fits well and grabs eyeballs.


Boots do the talking for Cancerians, who love the tough yet stylish look. Knee high black boots are a must for her.


Leos love luxury and anything that sets them apart from the crowd. They crave attention, so a golden hue fits in with their personality. Golden heels are their preference over the mundane black.

Virgo Similar to the Taurus, earthy toned stilettos are bound to get her attention.


As always, the Libra tries to strike a balance when it comes to style and comfort. Hues of black and blue appeal to their sense of style, so a classy pair of sandals which allows them to stand tall and yet gives them enough room for their feet wins over anything else.


Passionate by nature, the Scorpio expresses her inherent traits in her choice of footwear, opting for bright colours in high heels.


Sagittarius loves shoes, blue or plum coloured heels work best for them.


Capricorn is business-like in her approach, and is career-oriented and very organised. A classic black pump in durable leather is their favourite.


They don’t like aping everyone, and want to make a fashion statement. Silver or white stiletto heels would suit them best.


Torn between what’s practical and what they desire, this sign’s perfect pair is a blue satin stiletto


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